Episode 8 – Grave Diggin Boogie Down

Episode Notes


Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of the Indie Game Podcast! It’s been a great ride and I’m happy to see our listener numbers continue to steadily grow.

I don’t have too much in the way of announcements for this week, so let’s go on and roll into the #Gamedev Segment!

Hashtag Gamedev

Golden Krone Hotel by Vulgat

“A roguelike in which you kill vampires with sunlight and sneak into the shadows”

I love the whole idea of this game just based on watching the trailer on their Steam page. The voice acting is stellar and it looks like they took the concept of a roguelike and added their own unique twist by giving you the ability to change into a vampire among other cool abilities. This game is in early access and they did it right- according to the developer, the game is fully playable and beatable. Now they’re simply working on adding even more features for their players. Definitely give it a look!


Roguewoods by Ponderline

“Dog fights spooky ghosts in the woods with MAGIC!”

Roguewoods still seems to be in pretty early development, but you can see that is has plenty of promise by checking out Ponderline’s Twitter. There’s an adorable dog and the cutest ghosts I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see how this one continues to develop in the coming weeks and months!

Featured Game of the Week

Grave Danger by JB Gaming Inc.

We have a lot to say about Grave Danger, which was a nice breath of air from the point-and-clicks of the past few shows. It’s got a great soundtrack, awesome (and smooth) gameplay mechanics, and a fun, playful design.

While we only played singleplayer, play this game with a friend in local co-op mode, because these puzzles can be tough and having a friend helping to figure it out makes all the difference. Plus, it just feels like it would be a BLAST to play with friends. That said, if you are playing by yourself, you’re still gonna have a good time with Grave Danger and it’s 20 thought-provoking levels!

We highly recommend it (and Devs if you’re reading, I’d┬áseriously love to have the soundtrack O_O).
Grave Danger on Steam
Grave Danger Website
Grave Danger on Twitter

Rob Leach Interview

Rob is a guy that I’ve had the pleasure of working with as we work to publish the game Venture Forth for developer Arclight Worlds. He’s a veteran in the games industry and shares his knowledge of what a game producer does along with some general chitchat about his experiences working in games!

Arclight Worlds Website
Arclight Worlds Twitter


So yeah, we’re 8 episodes in! Indie Game Podcast is like…official or something! Be sure and check out the games we talked about in this podcast, and just have a great week!

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