Episode 7 – Naked Demon Date Night

Episode Notes


By the time you guys listen in, it’ll be the New Year, so I hope it’s a good one! Keep those new years resolutions on your fridge and get to it! Or not.

For IGP, my New Year’s Resolution is to get more subscribers! Subscribing is the BEST way to know that you like what I’m putting out and really inspires me to keep up with the latest games, finding interesting folks to interview, and so on! This podcast is all about promoting indie games and the developers who make them, and the more people know about the podcast, the better!

Another smaller resolution is to change the cover image of the podcast to something a little more suitable and interesting. If you guys have any ideas as to what would make an awesome art cover for an indie game podcast, let me know in the comments or on twitter @bluebirdplays

Itch.io Game Recommendations

Today we’ll be playing some itch.io games recommended by a bunch of awesome game developers on twitter. They reached out to share their works with the podcast, and I can’t wait to play all of them!

For those that haven’t listened to our last Itch episode, which was Episode 4, Tretty and I will play a few minutes of each game, making active observations about gameplay, story, graphics, and sound. It’s a more casual way of featuring games and you get to hear us get excited (and sometimes annoyed) as we play.

A Very Important Date (Demo) by Naive Sprites

A romance visual novel with some loose ties to the Alice in Wonderland series. It looks like they are also looking for more support on kickstarter!

A Very Important Date on Kickstarter
Naive Sprites on Twitter

Naked Man Versus the Clothes (Demo) by 4FreaksFiction

This is a platformer starring a very naked man. That’s all you really need to know. They are currently trying to get Greenlit on Steam so check out the link after you listen to our naked gameplay!

Naked Man Versus the Clothes on Greenlight
4FreaksFiction Twitter

Demon by FerretDev

Part dungeon-crawl part Shin Megami Tensei game. I love the old-school concept! I’m definitely curious to see how this one plays out!

FerretDev on Twitter


Aaaand that was that for today! Be sure and check out all the links to these games and their creators! If you have an Itch game to recommend for us for our next Itch.io episode PLEASE leave me a message on twitter @bluebirdplays – I would be absolutely thrilled to check it out!

If you have any comments about the episode or the show, feel free to leave a comment down in the shownotes for this episode!

2 thoughts

  1. Great podcast, and thank you for taking a look at Demon. 🙂 I’ve taken your suggestion re: corpses; in the next build they will appear a bit less often, but in exchange almost never have a “nothing” search result. Thanks again for the review, and have a happy 2017! 😀

    1. Thank you kindly for reaching out to me too! Your game has a huge chunk o’ potential and it was great to play! 🙂

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