Episode 6 – Little Acre Woods

Episode Notes


Happy Holidays from IGP to you! I hope it’s a great one!

I’m really happy with the current format of the podcast, having the hashtag gamedev segment and the interview segments feel a lot more useful and interesting to readers and I enjoy doing them!

My New Year’s Resolution for the podcast is really as simple as getting more listeners and subscribers, because I think indie games are awesome and there needs to be more places out there actively promoting them. As a short-term goal for myself, upon reaching the future episode 10, I’ll be looking into getting new cover art for the podcast because well, I didn’t try too terribly hard on what I’ve got.

If anyone has any ideas for the cover art, let me know!

Hashtag Gamedev

Feast For Worms

“If you don’t die a lot, I’ve done something wrong”

Feast for Worms is an action platformer that shows a lot of promise. It may be in early development, but the gamedev’s twitter, you can see so many awesome animations, art, and level designs that makes this game worth following for more!

Feast for Worms Twitter

The Mind’s Eclipse

Donald Campbell – “The gritty black and white style is on purpose, guys. ;)”

“A visual novel that explores the consequence of one man’s lifelong obsession: initiating human transcendence.”

Please, if you like story games, you absolutely must check out the demo of The Mind’s Eclipse. It was intriguing from start to finish, and I can’t wait to see more of this game!

The Mind’s Eclipse Twitter

Phase Edge

“Phase Edge is a manic melee focused shoot-em-up”

Beautiful, vibrant, and super difficult. There’s a demo available that showcases what this schmup has to offer and if you like enjoy piloting a powerful ship and obliterating all the enemies out to get you in each level, you’ll be pleased with this one.

Punk Arcade’s Twitter

Featured Game of the Week

The Little Acre by Pewter Games Studios

This is the sort of game that Tretty and I just can’t spoil for you. It’s all about the journey, and the wonder you feel when you encounter new places and characters. Also Lily and Dougal are the best characters ever.

The Little Acre on Steam
The Little Acre Website
Pewter Games Studios on Twitter

Kevin Cole Interview

Have I mentioned that this super suave fellow is just the nicest game developer you could know? I guess I’ll tell ya again. Listen to the interview, form your opinions, then follow his stuff!

SuperTry Studios
Kevin Cole Twitter


This was a ridiculously long podcast and I have NO regrets! I hope everyone enjoyed! If you like what you heard and you’re a podcast fanatic, consider subscribing to the podcast via your favorite podcast app. We’re on itunes, google play, and you know, all the other cool places.

As always, if you have any feedback or comments, there’s a place to comment right below these show notes about the episodes/podcast! You can also always message me @bluebirdplays

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