Episode 5 – Little Briar Cole

Episode Notes


We’re adding a couple new segments to the podcast and getting rid of What’s New on Steam. I want to directly help game developers who are actively looking to get word out on their games, so I’ve made a segment to promote them!

We will also be doing part one of an interview with Kevin Cole, a game developer who kickstarted two of his games successfully and lives the dream of a full-time gamedev.

Finally, I’m not sure if there will be an episode next week due to the holidays but I’ll do my very best!

Hashtag Gamedev

Hashtag Gamedev is a new segment where I reach out to game developers on Twitter and ask them to describe their game in one sentence. In return, I check out what they’ve got of their game and promote them on the podcast! It’s a great thing, really!

Unnamed by Brave Toad Studio

“Multiplayer Katamari with Teams!”

Brave Toad Studio Website

Sleepthrough by Andrea Pignataro

“A scary reminder that dreams can be as real as your life is.”

Play Sleepthrough
Play The Hair in the Wall

Heavy Impact by Studio Captivate

“Heavy Impact thrusts you into the ring as a first-person robot brawler made for virtual reality”

Studio Captivate Website

Featured Game

Little Briar Rose by Elf Games Works

“Little Briar Rose is a very special, stained glass-styled adventure inspired by the Sleeping Beauty fairytale”

Little Briar Rose Website
Steam Page
Google Play
Apple Apps

Interview with Kevin Cole

He’s fun! We only did part 1 of the interview in this episode, so check back next episode for part 2!

Super Try Studios
Play Project Maiden
Haque Kickstarter Page


Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you enjoyed the new segments! If you like what you hear, feel free to subscribe so you can be the first to check out new episodes as they come up!

As always, thanks for listening and see you next time! Happy Holidays!

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