Episode 4 – We Are Giraffe

Episode Notes


The 12 Days of Indie stream went great and I ended up being featured on the front page of Twitch! That’s a big deal, and I ended up having between 600-700 folks watching me play games and sing for every donation to the charity we were supporting.

I’d love to do it again sometime. As of release, the event is still going strong on Twitch, check it out at twitch.tv/indie

This Episode Focuses on Itch.io

Itch.io is a very popular site for indie game developers to submit their alphas, betas, game jam games, and full releases. I wanted to do something a little different with this episode and chose to randomly pick a few games to play with Tretty.

These are the results.

**Note** The idea is great but my implementation not so much, so we ended up cutting a lot of content. Originally we picked out 5 games to play and talk about, but some were very early tech demos, didn’t really hold our interest, and had better, full commercial versions out on Steam, so I cut up this podcast to only feature 3 games.

Enjoy. I apologize for the poor editing. Ahem, back to your regular featured entertainment next week!

Itch.io Games

Runner Echo by NiceGuyJeff

Running, parkour, jumping inside a small level. Good for a few minutes of fun but only one level and mostly for developmental purposes.

Including because I enjoyed it and I hope the developer is still working on his ideas!

My Name is Legion by Studio Miniboss

Very Game-boyesque, very retro, awesome chiptunes, and just a nice little roguelike game to check out and play.

Oh My Giraffe by Kneeko

Eat fruits and bonk lions on the head before they make you fall asleep! Maybe. Really fun little action game, also available for Android and Apple devices!

Back to Reality

We’ll be back to the regular format next week, and are really looking forward to it. There are some awesome games on Steam now that need a bit of attention!

Much love, and feel free to message me @bluebirdplays on Twitter, email at indiegamepodcast [at] gmail.com, or leave a comment in the show notes!