Episode 3 – Way of the Warrior Birdman

Show Notes


Huge Thanks to Mikey @atpprojects and Dog Theory who promoted last week’s episode and gave some awesome feedback about IGP! Dog Theory is the developer of Disastr_ Blastr, which we featured last week, check out their Steam Page!

IGP is taking part in the 12 Days of Indie, an event to raise 12,000 for children. Join the festivities by going to twitch.tv/indie, where a number of streamers are promoting indie games, raising money, and doing giveaways.

We’ll be streaming on that channel on December 6th, Midnight to 2AM EST, playing Venture Forth by Arclight Worlds

IGP is pleased to introduce Tretty, who will be helping with the weekly game features by having a sexy radio voice and being a good conversationalist. TLDR- New Cohost!

What’s New On Steam

Redie by Rückert Broductions

Top-down shooter emphasizing gameplay, ragdoll physics, and explosions.

Taiker by Team 4U

RPG Platformer, anime-inspired with deadly combos and lotsa robots!

Quern – Undying Thoughts by Zadbox Entertainment

Story-rich puzzle game with beautiful visuals, voicework, and an elaborate tale harkening back to the days of Myst.

Featured Game of the Week

Way of the Red by Corey Hardman

A 2d action platformer featuring a warrior bird who is looking for his lost love. Difficult yet extremely satisfying, with smooth controls, solid level design, and awesome music.

Way of the Red Website

Tretty and Bluebird play Ambre

Games You Should Play

Submitted by @sleepyagents on Twitter!

To Libertad by Studio Camelot

The Shadows that Run Alongside Our Car by Lox Rain

Starlight by Amorphous

Thanks for the suggestions!


Thanks everyone for the awesome support! I hope you enjoy this longer format!

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