Episode 11 – Felis Navidad

Episode Notes


Welcome to Episode 11 of the Indie Game Podcast! This week has been a bit of a blur between working and getting things done with my own indie game project. If you like birds at all, you’re in luck, because my game will be absolutely full of them! I’m starting to think of it as an obsession.

We’ll see where that goes. In any case, I’ve gotten a steady slew of developers who’ve wanted me to check out their games and talk about them on the podcast, but I can always use more! If you’d like to hear me talk about your game in an upcoming podcast, check out indiegamepodcast.com/developers and fill out that nice, little form located there.

Also, as it so happens, this episode will be the last one before I go on hiatus for 3 weeks. I wanted to pump out another episode before this, but as it turns out, things are a little hectic this week and the next, so it’s better if I go ahead and go on a break now.  No worries guys, the podcast will be back before you know it! I’ll be sure and post updates on when we start recording again.

But enough about the future, let’s focus on the present, with Hashtag Gamedev!

Hashtag Gamedev

Night Dream by XangoTrick

Night Dream, according to the developer, is a first-person puzzle game inspired by those that came before it – The Witness, Monument Valley, and so forth. While it’s still a prototype, it’s a game that shows a lot of promise. The puzzles are simple yet clever, and the looping worlds had me in a tizzy trying to figure out how to navigate this world that surrounded me.

The art style is minimalistic, but works very well for this particular game, and I hoping that Night Dream won’t just stay a protoype for long, as there’s a lot going on here and a lot that players could enjoy. Definitely give it a look!

Also sorta related sorta not, be sure and check out his youtube channel where he has multiple tutorials on different aspects of using Unity. If you’re a game developer, you may just find these videos handy!


Corot by AtticPlay

Corot is a fun little mobile game that takes a simple concept like collecting balls on the screen, and makes it about as difficult as possible. Not only do you need to keep Corot, your character, on the screen at all times, but each ball he eats has a different effect, from making him smaller to making him invisible until the next ball is eaten.

It can get incredibly insane very fast, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The game is solid, and it’s got that addicting quality that makes you just want to keep going at it time and time again.


Featured Game of the Week

Felis by Jose Pedro Diaz

Felis is all about saving cats and herding them to the end of each level. There’s a general clunkiness that can be felt in the gameplay and the controls which really hinders what this game is trying to accomplish. Rather than a platformer that tests your abilities, there’s often a sense of just getting through the level by mindlessly hitting obstacles until they go away and remembering where bad things like thwompers and pitfalls are in the level.

It’s a cute game with a great art-style, but there’s definitely room for improvements. However, if you want a cat saving simulator and don’t mind the occasional annoyance, you may want to check this one out!


That’s it for today’s podcast! I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you next time!

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