Episode 2 – Thanksgiving Disastr


Thanks everyone for listening and bearing with me as I figure all the audio stuff out! Thanks much to all the new subscribers too! If I can help people learn about new indie games they might wanna check out, I’m doing what I set out to do!

IMPORTANT EVENTS 12 Days of Indie -A 12-day event where Twitch streamers, game developers, and game publishers raise money for Toys 4 Tots, a charity organization that provides kids with toys, books, and other items.

-I’ll be streaming at Midnight to 2AM Dec 6th, so come chill with me at twitch.tv/indie

-Playing Venture Forth by Arclight Worlds and Published by Indie Voyage

Steam Releases-


-Retro shooter involving supercops in the 1980s, gangsters, and aliens


-Creep 1st person horror game set in a Thai hospital. VR-headset compatible for the extra creepys!


-Cosmic horror adventure game with the scariest pixelated abominations I’ve ever seen.

Featured Game-

Disastr Blastr

-Fastpaced Arcade Shooter in an abstract visual style -Multiple game modes -Several powerups -Techno music heart -Lots of squares



-Colorful stealth action platformer game with STORY. Also awesome music. Check out my awfully old interview with the developer here.

In Closing

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    1. Anytime! The music was fantastic and I’ll definitely be checking back to hear more awesome soundscapes if you post ’em on Twitter! You’ve got a new fan 🙂

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