Episode 1 – Give me Resin or Give me Death

Quick Intro

Bluebirdplays is a veteran of playing indie games and wants to dedicate her days to the discovery of new games worth checking out.

Steam New Releases

Kite by Lab Cat Games

-Action-RPG with customization, great retro graphics, and a fantastic music score.

Enigma by Uzumeya and Fruitbat Factory

-Mystery Visual Novel with an original soundtrack, multiple endings, and an intriguing story.

Silence by Daedalic Entertainment

-Beautiful point-n-click adventure game by the makers of the beloved Deponia series.

Featured Game

Resin by Rinberd

-A tough, pixelated action game where every move relies on timing and precision.

Featured Kickstarter Game

Twin Flames by Fat Panda Games

-2d platformer where you play as either the Sun God or Moon Goddess and race against time to make it to the top of a tower infested with monsters.


May or may not have an episode during Thanksgiving week because of the holiday, will try though!

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